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Anonymous asked: I think Charles is the type of person who lounges around naked all the time in his apartment, which isn't a problem for anyone except Erik who almost falls to his death one day when he's windowcleaning because holy fuck does that guy have Mjolnir between his thighs or what because Erik sure feels thunderstruck. Little does he know Charles purposefully leaves the blinds open for sexy windowcleaner guy. Charles also writes cute messages on the windows. Or just masturbate. That too.



Erik lowers his metal grate platform down with his powers, water sloshing gently in his buckets and making his squeegees tap lightly against the sides. The breeze is crisp today, cold air buffeting him as he carefully keeps his platform from knocking against the tall glass windows that make up the entire outside of the building he’s hanging off of, granting nothing less but full panoramic views for the city’s wealthiest citizens.

He gets himself situated in front of the first set of windows, making sure his cable cords are taut and secure. The top floor penthouse apartment is his favorite unit to clean, solely because of the fact that its extremely hot inhabitant is fond of walking around completely naked and completely heedless of Erik’s staring eyes. Erik would feel more creepy about it, except - he knows the guy knows he’s there. It’s hard to miss a window washer who spends at least 45 minutes every Tuesday circling the outside of your apartment to clean your windows. Clearly he likes putting on a show, and Erik’s not about to turn this one down.

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hot damn

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….I’m just going to leave this here

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May I just take a moment to scream loudly and promote the remix that was written from a thing of mine?

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I’d been working on and off this thing since forever haha, now that my work project is done, I can go back to drawing cherik, aw yis!

Here’s the promised gift for ikeracity, based on this Daft Punk kissy gif *3*~ Charles and Erik as the famous mutant activists, whom for some reason (glances at ike) decided to hide their beautiful faces *pets them*.

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Nightcrawler, folks! (AKA Kurt Wagner, AKA the bamf doll that Kurt uses to woo his girlfriend.)

Yours truly swore she would knit this thing roughly fifteen months ago. Then put it on hiatus for a year. Then restarted and finished it in all of ten days. Was it worth the wait?

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A Parent’s Worst Fear.




Our boy has awful taste in men.


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Someone please do this





oh god angry baby Erik <3


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Professor - To all the student. If you see a man in a cape, do not be afraid. He’s just overly emotional. Also tell him to remove said cape because it tracks mud onto the carpets.